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Good morning guys. Has anyone ever opened their glasses ?? I have some changes to make ... little anti-fog air ..... lenses that slightly dance. Sorry my English, I don't know and I use Google translator ... Good day everyone!

if you have some issues with your goggles, than you really shouldn't do anything by yourself. open an new support ticket and let orqa fix this. you don't want to destroy your highest premium ever goggles !?

The glasses are very good .... for anti-fog in my opinion it would be necessary to make a few more holes so that the air comes out better. For the lenses I think they are made like this ... they have 0.5 mm of dancing movement and I think it is normal. It's not a problem. I'd like to improve them mechanically and maybe help orqa. I like being a beta tester geek: -D: -D
It would also be good to create a support for directional antennas ....

my glasses are absolutely tight without any "dancing" or play. maybe your goggles aren't that much precise manufactured. they should be really tight and adjusting the IPD should be "very strong/hard".

Yes yes the setting is very tight even on my glasses .... but there is a slight dance when I am in position ..... I notice it only when I go to touch with my fingers. Maybe as you say they are assembled not very precise .... or the mechanism is not very precise. I would like to take them apart and look inside ... this will invalidate the guarantee for sure .... but I am very good and I think I can improve without doing damage. This weekend I try calmly if I have time
I can't explain well ..... I should make a video

nobody can stop you from doin' this, but you should have a look on this video:

Thanks Kevin ... The video made me realize how difficult it is to disassemble. I don't touch anything .... that's okay. But in the video what was the second module ??

i'm not sure, but isn't it the laforge vRX system, which mostly got two separate modules?

I don't know ... I didn't know there was a double module. It must work well so you have one antenna on the right and one on the left
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