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Audio recording/listening

I have bought the orqa's and want to be able to record audio from an external mic at the same time I listen to audio from my quad through my earbuds. Is this possible on the orqa's or do I have to pick and choose whether I am recording from a mic or listening to audio? Is the audio jack adapter meant to allow for this capability ie. I buy the adapter and then I can plug in an earbud/mic combo (like this one) into the adapter so I can do both at the same time?

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Hi Brendan,

you can order this adapter from our shop :

It will enable you to use your regular stereo headphones with both mic and audio.

Kind regards,


you don't have to buy the orqa adapter of your going to use a microphone and an earbud. but your should find out, what the polarity of the desired combo is.
I've build my own earbud/microphone from parts laying around, but it doesn't work. I had a bit sound, picked up by the microphone while the receivers noise was way too loud. Not sure what to do now.
I have that adapter and plug a mic only into it and it records nothing. Mic volume is set to 50. VTX volume 0. I do not use vtx audio nor want it recorded. What would the issue be?

The microphone connector uses common ground, then L/R channels on the plug are mono mic in and mono earbud out. Use a stereo L/R splitter to do both. 

Like this one:

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