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Foxeer Wildfire

I have the Foxeer Wildfire, and sadly it does not fit with the wildfire case on it. I have the pretty yellow/green case. The case clips off easily, but the fan attached to the case needs it's leads cut. Now the module fits. The default cover that comes with Orqa goggles needs the hole for the thumb control to be cut out. It is in a slightly different spot. I just hacked it out with a pen knife. Once that was done, with a little wiggling and encouragement, the cover fit. The antenna holes fit. and the screen is mostly visible. 
I am having no difficulties with  the Foxeer Wildfire in operation. 
Any other wildfire users here? Anything they can add? 

Hello have you a Link to 3d Part?

Foxeer has a 3d printable cover on their website to use wildfire with orqas.

can you please provide some pictures?
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