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What Antenna's do I need?

Hi guys!

I'm new around and also new to the whole FPV scene.

Orqa's was my first Goggles that I got (actually got them in the first day of the kickstarter campaign).

I got them a month or two ago, just looked at them so far, I noticed they don't come with any kind of antenna's (neither the one patch they said they'll send for the first 24 hours backers).

Anway, I'm looking to buy some antenna's for them, and I'm curious which ones should I buy.

On I see there are 4 types of antenna's for sale:

ORQA FPV.01 Pro 5.8GHz RP-SMA Omni Antenna (RHCP)

ORQA FPV.01 Pro 5.8GHz SMA Omni Antenna (RHCP)

Orqa FPV.P1 5.8GHz Patch Antenna (LHCP)

Orqa FPV.P1 5.8GHz Patch Antenna (RHCP)

What should I pick? What's the difference between RP-SMA and SMA, or RHCP and LHCP?

Do I need to pick a Patch and an Omni?

And I'm also looking to get some antenna's for long range. I'm currently planning on building my first 2 drones (a long range one and a short-racing style one)

And I've seen these antenna's as well: 

SpiroNET Long Range Antenna Array -

Do you know if they would work well with the Orqa Goggles?

SMA is what the receiver modules such as RapidFire use. RP-SMA is reverse polarity. Center is a hole instead of a pin on the antenna. 

RHCP and LHCP are Right and Left Hand Circular Polarized antennas. RHCP are more common but as long as the omni is the same polarization on both ends your good.

Typically you will put a patch on bottom and a omni on top. The patch will give you long range in the direction it's pointing. The omni will give better all around coverage with less distance. 

Any 5.8Ghz antenna with the right connector will work. 

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If you are running Rapidfire get two rhcp axii 2

One straight and one right angle.

This will be perfect for anything < 1km in range and will allow rapidfires video merging magic to work best.

For long-range either get a truerc x-air or a vas crosshair extreme (they are basically the same thing but with a different shell as the manufactors worked together on the design).

On the quad your good with axii or lollipop 3 if you prefer cheaper.

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