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PSA - Custom RX for Orqa (RHO Orvel)


Why your Fatshark RX inserts might not work with ORQA


Please take a look at the pictures. Fatshark style goggles have a stationary RX position but the optics move. Thus RX inserts's center of sharpness needs to be exactly where the goggle optics center ends up when your IPD is correctly adjusted.


Orqa moves both optics AND inserts. Thus the center of sharpness must be in the center of the insert itself. If you try to use your old Fatshark insert with "included IPD offset", you will have problems.


The only source (known to me) where you can currently buy Orqa custom correction is:


Note: if your Fatshark custom RX insert has the center of sharpness directly in the center of the optics (this is solely dependent on YOUR personal IPD), Orvel inserts will be exactly the same and you do not need them. So if you see fine with your old inserts, no need to buy anything new.


mechanically and quality wise Orvel inserts are identical to fatshark style inserts.

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