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what is, technically

 hope this isn't to bad to write down and hope i don't get muted/banned or something.

i recently took a short look on the firmware binary, found some well known and common keywords:

- SPCA6330A (known as GoPro HD/1080P)

- SUNP0000.JPG (known from #808 key cam)

- SUNP BURN FILE (known from iCatch Sunplus)


so it's based on an action-/dashcam with two screens. some of you might say "that's not new" and some will say "oh wait, this could be doing A and B, of course C".

so now you're maybe able to understand why sometimes the goggles freeze up or some features can't be done at all. and i know, that it is very hard to repurpose some things to do something else.

try beeing happy with everything it does and what's comming up next!

I don't get it. What point are you trying to make? That they used some well known libraries in their firmware? That's the norm in software development...

Also I never experienced any issues.

Those guys who try to get features which aren't possible at all, need to know what the goggles are. The goggles aren't capable of so many things. So this informational thread was targeted on those. I initially thought that the orqa guys built the goggles around a raspberry pi, so the possibilities are endless...but with this chipset, there aren't as many possibilities.
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