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Orqa & IRC Ghost

IRC did look for a Logo for an upcoming product a while ago. It is called IRC Ghost. They also teasered a major product release in their facebook group.

Now look at that sweet FPV connect which I just unpacked.

Coincidence? I think not.

Who knows??? :)))

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i noticed that ghost logo as well in a pic ! i wonder what the immersion rc ghost product will do ?

Oh dang I'm excited!

I know it's exciting Tony Said :)

What will it do? Will the FS guys not get what this is?
Now we're going to know:
Can anyone please explain to me why I can’t get (FS)Fatshark band on my orqa goggles. I have rapid fire module and orqa connect, and I’ve updated all firmware’s. I set all my quads to (fs) band but (f)band does not show up in my goggles. I’m still new to all this can someone please help me?

Try I Band for IRC.

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