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is it the browser?

 everytime i answer a question or discussion, i get an error message that something went wrong but the answer i've posted is there.

i'm on win10 with firefox - can't use another browser atm.




hi Kevin ... I think it's some server error .... do you have the latest version of Firefox? can't install Chrome or some other browser on win10?

i got this error on chrome too...can't try M$ browsers due to security reasons in my company 

maybe it may be that your company has restrictions on employee servers .... do you have the same problem at home?

don't have any issues on my phones browsers, haven't visited these pages with any other device at home :-D

then it is your company that is bitch: -D: -D

true ;-)

Kevin .... how much experience do you have on drones ??? I started February 2020 .............. I want to build a new freestyle drone .... do you have any advice?
here you can see my fleet
i guess you should start with something like iflights turbobee 120rs (top mounted battery!) or like the qav180, to get a feel for the acro. the qav180 is more robust like other drones, and you should have many stick time in the sim (helped me a lot!). or you go with something light like the turbobee 120rs, crashing in the grass isn't that bad with this one. stay between 2s (turbobee) and 3s (qav180), you can upgrade easy with bigger batteries, that's why i was choosing all the parts i did till today. easy going to progress and simply upgrade the battery.
So ....... I started with a Mark 3 4s geprc ..... radio frsky Horus x10s ... now I'm going in angle-horizon .... slowly I start in acre. Unfortunately I live in Bolzano Italy and I don't have many places to fly. I use a lot of liftoff simulator. I recently purchased orqa goggles and I am very happy with it. I have a friend who uses fatshark but I don't like them. Orqa forever !!!

this is funny, i worked in a advertising agency some time ago and my small database server named "bolzano" because every computer was called after italien cities.

my first build was a 10" tbs alien, followed by dji flamewheel f450 which than got 9" props and another one 8". the motors and props from the 8" are now used in my latest big build (8" LonRange). need to rebuild everything due to fc changes (you can read about it on rotorbuilds and on my blog).

send me the link of your blog
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