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Logic and firmware update

I'm sure there is some reason that alludes me, however I cannot understand why ORQA does not release a firmware update that allows us to skip FW1.2.0?  Why is it necessary to install a buggy FW to proceed to a functional one?  I also find it curious that the instructions for both 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 on mention this requirements in the "compatible" portion of the release notes and no mention of the incompatibility on the "FIRMWARE UPDATE INSTRUCTIONS"... something like "if you have not updated to 1.2.0, follow these instructions first.

I haven't updated yet because I still have no idea when my FPV.Connect will arrive (much less the antenna that are apparently in stock @getfpv... why did I preorder???) so I'm still running the firmware that came installed v1.1.5... which apparently does not exist anywhere but maybe my goggles?  

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oh yeah, and the FW v1.2.0 states:

"This release is compatible with all publicly available firmware versions."

FW v1.1.5 is not "publicly available"... so.... now what?

I would just give it a shot. If it is incompatible it should not update.
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