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fpv.connect api?


Random thought but any chance we might get a doc on the fpv.connect api to maybe write some tools for it?

Maybe a script that can download the DVRs via my computer for instance.

I am sure we can probably reverse engineer/hack it mid-term but getting the infos directly from the source of course would save some time.

Also I see no obvious downside in providing it (maybe not officially supported or something?)

Happy to hear your thoughts on this :-)

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That would be amazing. Guess the endless possibilities... It would help the features to grow at a much faster paste.

Got my Fpv.Connect yesterday and I had to take a look how it works and I found parts of the API in no time.

Use HTTP GET for following:<BASE64 Encoded filename with path>=


Time data json format: {"date":{"day":10,"month":6,"year":2020},"time":{"hour":18,"minute":52,"second":8}}

Ps. Port 5004 is open.

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