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Orqa VTX Magic

This surely did not end up in the kickstarter Mail because somebody missed it being in the picture.


I'm very positive that everybody is thinking the same, aren't we?

Don't think its a VTX. What would you need that huge capacitor/battery for? Also the Antenna connections looks like 2.4Ghz max(judging from cable) and only one antenna... And the card slot looks almost like a SIM-Card, so this also could be a GPS Tracker of some kind..

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you are probably right, the Antenna is too slim for a VTX antenna and the big "cap" could also be a LithiumIon Battery with solder tabs.

They definitely were working on some 5G video transmission some time ago. Don't know if this would be suitable for FPV Drones though. They where doing it with FPV Cars if I remember correctly. 

Would this empty space be enough for some sort of sim-card?

Dammm wonder what it is....
Crossfire nano RX, perhaps?
That's actually what I was thinking when I saw the photos.

Ivan replied on facebook that it's neither for a crossfire rx nor for a unify.


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I think, it will be a Finder or something like a FinderPLUS, her Question in here and the pic.... SIM slot, Cap, its doesnt looks like VTX for me. No VTX, no HD :*(

maybe this space on the connect module could hold a custom bluetooth module?!

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