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Orqa shop

Yesterday my orqa battery pack cable broke and I remembered that your fan buy for just the shipping costs new ones. So I went there, put the cables in the cart, added a ghost Zepto and went through the PayPal process. Now it got weird: PayPal says about $35 and I'm fine with that, but than it says it's missing phone number. After adding phone number, the price raised over $50 and that's what I'm NOT OKAY with. Anyone else had the same problem? Someone in Germany who has "Das blöde Kabel für den Akku abzugeben"?
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Now I've ordered the original orqa battery pack cable for (tax and shipping included) over $16 and received some random non-original ones, which than not fit the goggles. I'm about to sell this hole package and get myself the fatshark HDO2. This is so embarrassing - not what I've expected in buying high-end, over-the-top goggles.
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