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u.fl female to u.fl female pigtail

I'm excited about the integration of iRC ghost in the orqa fpv one, but where do we get the little pigtail to connect the Atto receiver to the integrated antenna on the connect module?

When the time comes, we'll let you know about everything related to the IRC Ghost integration.

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So the newest firmware is our now to support ghost. Where is the magic u.fl to u.fl Adapter?


Now that the firmware is out to enable Ghost integration with FPV.Connect can we please get some guidance on how to set it up? I can't find anything here or Facebook or anywhere else. I now have an option to enable the power for the ghost module but it seems like a bad idea without the antenna connector hooked up. I have outfitted most of my fleet with Ghost and it seems most things are in place for the integration. Thanks.  

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