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Allow Orqa app to be installed on PC Android emulator

I would like to be able to install the connect app on Blue Stacks the Android emulator for PC. Tried to manually install the apk and it fails. Open it up to be installed on difference devices. Not sure if tablets are supported yet.

i've already asked for an desktop application, so why do you want to emulate something?

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I doubt they would be really focused on that and even if they were it would take them six months to a year to develop program. Opening it up to all devices and emulators is an easy fix.

Most people aren't willing to use that kind of bloatware...

If they did a good choice on the architecture of the app, they won't need to rewrite the whole code. It would propably be less time consuming then to try to get it to work on some weird emulator.

I guess it's just not the focus for now. There's important features that are missing right now...

Cool but this is for feature requests not for debate. Will they fulfill our requests? We can only hope. Opening up the app to be installed on the emulator and tablets (my old fire 8 tablet) is easy and something I learned in a beginning Android dev class.

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