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DVR Audio Wishes

I fully recognize that audio is a known concern with the FPV.One. 

My request would be to have the option to record stereo (2ch) audio DVR with the 3.5mm audio input on one channel and VRx input on the other channel. This allows pilots to mix that audio as they wish in post production.

Huge dream would be able to record 2ch stereo through 3.5mm audio input. I know on many Sony cameras they use a simple TRS plug that detects whether you are using an audio out or audio in device and switches automatically. This could entirely be a hardware impossibility but it would be amazing if it could be an option in a firmware update! 

Thanks much

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Even though I haven't gotten a mic to work, from the testing I've done it appears that the audio from the video feed is coming in on the left channel and the audio from the mic jack is coming in on the right. Can't be sure until I get actual audio from the mic though.

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