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Image PreSets

Would love to have 5-10 presets I could save for different cameras or different lighting conditions under the picture settings section.

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Okay, I'm in.

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I fly tiny hawks, micro brushless 31mm drones also have 3" quads and for those different size drones they all use a different size if camera so it's not possible. I also race micros indoors as well as fly them outside. I can sit and adjust the picture for 20 minutes to get it perfect. If I can spend 20 minutes get it perfect then title it "meteor65 indoor" then have another one titled "twig outdoor" then "349 sunny" or "349 cloudy" I can click to that saved preset and not have to spend 5-20 minutes dialing in the picture for how the conditions are.

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I'm not sure, why didn't you choose the best cam for every quad? You can than set up the image in the cam.
When I say presets for the image I mean customizable presets that we can save.

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