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desktop application

maybe an application like gopro studio is important to anyone else? like to have an app for linux/mac/win for:

- downloading videos

- updating goggles

- format card

- settings editor (mentioned before) for image-presets

- live view/recording/streaming

btw. how is it possible to stream from the goggles, when wifi have no internet? the wifi module needs to connect to a hotspot, not providing a hotspot.

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you could do this now running bluestacks (android emulator) but it would be nice to have an offical windows/mac application to use along side the mobile one. 
as for the streaming from googles if i understand what you mean correctly the FPV.Connect will be able to live stream via the wifi hotspot it creates it shouldn't need an internet connection to transfer data this way.

 i'm on linux no windows machine at all. maybe access to mac os, but emulating android for using an app on a pc/notebook doesn't make sense at all!

maybe the app can do "magical dynamic stretching" if it's running on any system!?

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Bluestacks is also available for linux mate everything you have suggested is already or will be available via the fpv.connect app was only trying to suggest a solution while you wait for them to make a desktop app if they choose to do so and no dynamic stretching wont be effected until they implement it

Yeah, thought about the same things - nice you suggested it though!

Would be nice if this was possible!

Regarding your last sentence - this will probably not happen. I asked about that in this thread:

I was unable to get it to work on Bluestacks. Not sure if thats a theory or you have it working. Even transferred the APK from my phone and installed it manually.

tried all emulators for linux, none worked acceptable for any application - except: angry birds...well...that's why they all exist though 

Odd working fine my end even off a usb boot linux aswel.. u do need to "spoof" location etc for the app to boot but yeh should work is the only thing i can think of that i changed.. if u guys are stuck with no app access then il happily upload my config for u guys to be able to use your connect otherwise i guess you will have to make do with ya phones for the time being but yeh if u want me to try figure out how i got it working.. im more then happy to help
It would be fun to experiment with it. If you could share how you did it. I've really enjoyed the phone workflow so far but it would be nice to have that option.

"how is it possible to stream from the goggles, when wifi have no internet? the wifi module needs to connect to a hotspot, not providing a hotspot."

The module will stream the video to the app. The app will stream to any platform through your mobile data. 99% of time you won't have a free wifi available so I think this choice makes sense.

Stiker, just have you wait till it's release. No point in speculating right now.

No speculation from my side. I am pretty sure it's the only technically possible way on how it can be done with this kind of architecture.

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