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DVR auto start

A DVR autostart when the reciever start to recieve image, but may be it's difficult to do.

Or simply DVR recording start when we power on the goggle

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In full support of this option. The amount of times Ive not recorded a flight is staggering.

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I dont want it always recording but if there was an option to turn auto record on or off then I think it would be good.

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of course it have to be an option ;)

The one feature i hoped that connect would bring that is missing from the One goggles

yes, was really hoping this would have been included in the newest firmware. Hopefully it's coming soon.

Must have!

Auto start dvr and overwrite the oldest dvr files if full is how this should work, like a dashcam in a car. Ofcourse its should both be an option, auto start dvr and auto delete if full or something.

Auto delete is already an option, just need the option for auto start

It's almost to the point, especially with the connect, that auto delete could be obsolete.  Every video could be automatically stored in a cloud or mobile device with the option to save or discard.  SD card slot will be like a having a cassette deck in your Tesla.

how is this still considered a feature.. this is essential fpv goggle functionality!

Auto record is a great idea. But place the auto record files in a separate folder that auto deletes. And if you press record, that video goes into another folder. So you will have two folders. An auto record folder that deleted automatically when card is full and a folder for recordings that you did press the record button.

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Id like to riff on what Neil has said. 

What if the record button just started a new clip/movie file? You could employ a two folder system there. To stop recording all together you could hold the record button for 2-3seconds.

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yes. please introduce auto record dvr

I think option for auto start is a MUST because example: I fly without a gps every time I lost a quad I find it by record of dvr in my goggles. This is essential!

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