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A real 16/9 when the fpv cam is in 16/9 ratio

We really need to have a 100% compatibility with 16/9 fpv cam, with out croping  the image, and may be the possibility to zoom in the image to X %, but it need to be the pilote choice.

For now the 16/9 mod crops

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Yes please.

Cropped 16:9 mode is pretty useless right now, at least I am not aware of any scenario where this would make sense.

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If possible Id like to add to this a little: zoom/crop options so that you could for example zoom in on an originally 16:9 image to get full height in the 4:3 view. 

This option could also be useful when trying to match fpv fov with say an onboard HD cameras fov.

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Or when plugging an XBox 360 I noticed it was stretch vertically and unusable.
The black bands make it worst, this scaling and more HDMI fullHD support (see RasPi issue), would make this goggle much more versatile! :)

I'm totally in on this, real 16:9 is needed; so you can also plugin a chromecast v1 and watch Netflix or Disney+ or YouTube or you name it and: zoom in/out for both modes, I love the big screens, but sometimes I want to be more focused and don't want to rearrange my OSD.

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Fixed with 2.0

Fixed with 2.0

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