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Adjustable Square on the screen for film maker

It will be very nice to have possibility to draw a square on the screen for film maker, for exemple 16/9 or other ratio (complitly adjustable) to fit with the gopro or HD cam on the quad and help to make good pictures....
This need to be 100% adjustable (ratio, size, position), and need to have some preset...

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I am not sure if this is of any use for you, but betaflight now has this functionality via their OSD


can't seem to find this "square in osd", which version betaflight/betaflight-configurator is it and what is it called? maybe you could provide a screenshot?

@Kevin 4.2 has it

Make sure to upgrade bf configurator too.

Configurator change with screenshot here:

thank you, i need to upgrade some kwads i think :-D

this is a new feature, that many professional pilote will like... ORQA Think on it. Think new ;)

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