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SHARPNESS image correction


Great controls of brightness/contrast and etc on 4 position mini-joysticks!

1) It will be great also to have IMAGE SHARPNESS setting. Since all other googles got it, and it is useful for analog FPV, not all cameras have OSD menus, and also in some situations it is useful to increase sharpness to see some details. 

It's clearly possible with firmware update.

2) Also - I'm not first who asking this - if it's possible to set in settings the size of racing FOV mode, it's a bit small now.


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1) maybe this one is possible by customizing the button/stick behavior. 2) it's currently not possible. Someone asked for different FOV firmware files, and orqa responded with "not possible" In using race FOV all the time, bc the freestyle is way too big for me without diopters.

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1) I mean not to add it to sticks, I mean add it in image setting menu at least. It is not needed to modify often. But it's needed for sure. 

I have to agree on the sharpness setting. That would make a world of difference with HDZero and analog video feeds.

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