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Open the FPV.Connect serial protocol

Hey Orqa,

Any plans to release the serial protocol on FPV.connect?  This will allow the community to develop more plugin hardware and expand integration with other devices.



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Hi Jye,

at the moment we don't have any plans to open the serial protocol on FPV.Connect.

Ok, but locking yourself into just the IMRC eco system sounds restrictive :/

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letting the community do all the hard works sounds like a much better Idea. See what they can come up with.

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yep, that's great idea!

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 Opening your goggles up to more innovation & building the community is the way to go. What downside would there be?  If this info was published I could see the ELRS community diving into support as they are super active and making amazing progress on things like this.

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I agree, its only serving to create a bigger barrier to entry into FPV and with the lack of RTF's with Ghost protocol as Tinywhoop pilot you're SOL. You're forced to add extra weight and complexity for something that ELRS is doing built in already and for a 1/2 of the price. Hopefully the fact the FPV.CTRL has a module bay is leaving the opportunity open to add an ELRS module and integrate the FPV.Connect with both Ghost and ELRS. Please please :) 

The ELRS Backpacks are already pin-compatible with what the Ghost integration does so this wouldn't even be that hard to implement. I do not own any Ghost hardware but I assume its quite easy to reverse engineer whats going on when switching bands/channels. 

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