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TBS fusion

Is orqa going to start selling a module cover for the fusion? I know there are prints available to print on but they don't exactly fit right.

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Hi there,

for now, we will not be selling a module cover for the TBS Fusion. Maybe in the near future.

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I think printable covers fit really nice, although there is really a limit to what you can achieve using an FFF printer. Try a different material or a different nozzle, eg. 0.25. You can also try post-processing the print, use filler spray and sanding.

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I printed this one and it has to best fit of any that I have print from thingiverse

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I just pulled the trigger and bought your goggles only the find out my TBS fusion did not fit your cover. I had a DJI goggle mod that made it fit in the frame. I was kinda disappointed TBH. I know it's not your fault but are you guys still working on it? I do have a 3D printer but its just not gonna be as good because I only have PLA.

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