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FOV Mode - Racer FOV Option

Hi Orqa,

It would great if the FOV for Racer Mode could be varied.

I understand there maybe hardware limitations around this e.g. coding the FPGA for a particular FOV.  So would be be possible for you to provide a number of .orqa files on release with different FOVs?






Users can now dial in their perfect FOV.  Whether that be for focused racing, or because they can not see the entire screen in Freestyle mode and just want to drop it by a couple of degrees.

This type of freedom to select your perfect FOV would be awesome.



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This would be great. The freestyle one is just a hair too big and the racing one is far too small.

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This is a must....  Please, this is crucial for me. I am a ranked competitive racer and need to have this for my goggles. 

seamlessly resizing would be perfect to fit all. Bob (kabab fpv) announced that feature way it still in progress?

Unfortunately, no other FOV modes will be added due to some limitations.

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