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Dijital hd module

Hello, are you going to take out a digital video transmission module? We only see people with DJIs and they make us long teeth ... Wouldn't it be possible to use the internal digital video module of the DJI glasses as an external device and connect it to the Orqa via MicroHDMI video input? the analog signal is the past. You have to evolve

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In order to get a video output from the DJI goggles you have to attach (and buy) the DJI smart controller to the goggles. I think it's about $700. 

The orqas can accept any digital input through that hdmi port, the problem is that DJI stuff doesn't output the signal easily. 

I say that you could use the internal digital module of the DJI fpv system glasses that are worth € 400, it is not possible that they are $ 700 and use it as a digital module giving it input through HDMI or if possible with an adapter to the connector of our analog module , DJI has done that to have analog signal with rapidfire modules, Orqafpvone should not be less

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you can simply use Fatshark Byte digital FPV system

The perfect solution for OQRA users - is ORQA digital system :) that will be attachable to googles and will be way more usable than DJI "buy only all DJI super-expensive stuff" thing!)

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why not? as long as Google have HDMI input, they can show any signal.

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 Thats why im asking as i have not seen anyone mention the input hdmi on the goggles so i havent pulled the trigger on the goggles as i wasnt sure if these goggles can and do accept hdmi feed. As mentioned before my setup is:

Connex Amimon > HDMI Splitter > Feed 1 : To Screen (Intended use of goggles), Feed 2 : Teradek Bond > To Cloud Streaming Server > 20+ Simultaneous Social Media Channels/Platforms. 


ORQA digital system is that really gonna be a thing? I already have the DJI Goggle I am debating for weeks now on getting the ORQA goggles for analog. Anybody know if they are going to come out with a new one?

There was an interview - in which one of ORQA creator noted that they are working on / or want to create the system that will not be as DJI closed system. The coolest solution can be an addon module along with firmware update that will work as digital system. Since the ORQA google itself - already got top specs up to date. Hope on that. Since I used DJI drones some time age, hate their politics, module registration, flight data transfer to their server, prices, not compatible with anything and etc.

Oh nice looks like ill just wait for that to happen will definitely get the orqa goggles if that happens. Yea DJI is very proprietary I ORQA can match thier quality.

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here's the letter with announce Orqa HD

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