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Fun Auto start

I would be happy to have options for how the fan works:

— OFF at startup (current behavior)

— ON at startup

What for:

I often forget to turn the fan on and I have find this button and wait until the fog disappears already in the air

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Fun -> Fan 

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This is actually a great idea . 95% of people are going to always run the fan anyway. 

I have had it where i forgot to turn on the fan and I'm like why is the picture all blurry when it's just the fog, Ha.

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Fan on/Off per IR Sensor

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Fan on by "on face detector" is definitely the best option

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Make this happen! :)

Also with a timed osd status that the fan is on? 5 sec or so on the top of the screen.

Yes please.  I always have to run the fan to prevent fogging.  

I was just about to make a feature request for this, and yep a face detector option would be most welcome!

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