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Making life easier with Orqa phone app, download firmware to goggels before connecting.

What about making our lifes a little easier with Orqa phone app, download firmware to goggels before connecting to the goggels. Seems like my phone gets bugged out somewhat can't use 4g what Orqa app even if told to.

So download firmware, connect to goggels, update firmware, app deletes files for firmware on phone if chosen to.

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I agree completely. If you could check for, and download firmware updates without connecting to the goggles first it would be great. It is pretty tedious for me to get internet while connected to the goggles. A push notification from the app that an update is available, "connect to goggles to install", would be so helpful.

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Hi to all,

unfortunately, due to some upcoming things in the pipeline this will not be possible, we already had that in thought and explored it, but this won't be available.

Kind regards,


Dear Luka I cannot discuss your priorities, but if this cannot be done, please find an alternative such as connecting to a wifi network from the goggles directly or however you prefer. Just remember than the main use case for the Fpv.connect is the updates without the need of a computer. And with my phone (Honor 10 pro) is just not possible. I am pretty sure im not alone in this. Regards

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Agreed with Daniel, I realy hope you find a workaround to this. Also haveing issues with my S9+

Just wanted add that another ORQA owner cannot use app to update goggles firmware.  T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will not use mobile data when connected to ORQA FPV Connect.  Could be carrier related.  Was able to get friends iPhone on Verizion to update via app.

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same for me, it should be a great feature

Guys, it is easily possible on every Android phone, just enable DEVELOPER menu in settings (it' easy - google if you don't know how to). Then in NETWORKING sub-setting - enable "Mobile data always ON" switch and you're good to go. It will work smoothly. And youtube streaming will work that way also.

Screenshot attached.


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Hi Alex,

I found it on my galaxy S9+ also, under developer options. 

I can't try it on my goggels yet, since i wont be home for a few weeks.

But im pretty sure this is the option people need to turn on, on their samsung phones.

Sweet mate.

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Yep - it will work on ANY Android based phone. Can't say that about IOS. 

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