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Head Tilt Warning only when on your head

I think it would be very good to use the sensor that enables standby mode on the goggles to tell if you are wearing them, and then turning on the head tilt alarm. I want to use the head tilt alarm, but whenever I put the goggles on, I hang them by the strap (facing down) and the beeping is very annoying. I think a solution is to have the alarm off when the goggles are not on your head and have it on when they are. 

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that makes totally sense! that's why i have disabled the tilt-alarm

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I said this months ago, but not here :) I totally agree, and I am pretty sure it is very simple to fix. How can I vote this feature?

Please add this soon! I have disabled the head tilt alarm because of this.

I agree with you

I partly agree with that; I deactivated mine too because it would constantly beep

One issue is that I would absolutely not hang my goggles by the strap facing down for fear of the sunspots

And that I don't believe the face detector would be able to tell the difference whether I'm wearing them on the face or on my forehead.

Perhaps adding a max alert angle would be more appropriate; adding just one more value of what max angle will the alert stop

Like if have alarm set to -35/35deg, I could put the max detect angle to 45 so that when I slide the goggles on my forehead, tilting them over 45deg stops detecting

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