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Streaming or live view

I can't seem to find any live view or sharing function in the app. I have an iPhone 6s and xperia x with Android 8. I'm lost in there

Live video streaming has not been added to the app yet. It should be very soon!

okay, found the hint in the stores days before. forgot to reply.

but how should it be possible to stream to e.g. youtube/twitch/instagram!? or whatever, when the goggles only supports hotspot instead of client?

You'd use mobile data from the phone.

when you think about it this makes sense, because streaming in the field will most likely rely on mobile data anyways

That's not the question, it's clear! But my phone can only connect to wifi or mobile network internet. As long as I'm connected to the wifi Hotspot there is no internet connection. Even the iPhone can't do it otherwise.

which phone and android (I suppose) version do you have? At least on Android 10 its definitely possible to use mobile Data while on Wifi. On my Oneplus there is even a setting in the wifi options to use mobile data when the wifi internet connection is bad.

 i have an xperia x and i definitely have this option you've mentioned, but it never worked. it's on android 8.0.0...damn sony! i also have my iphones...

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