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FPV.Connect companion app crashing

FPV.Connect keeps crashing after connection test. No matter location settings. I've reinstalled a few times together with cause wipes and deleting the stored apk out of the google play store cache. 

I can see my connectivity and battery percentage for a split second before crashing

Rapidfire, One and Connect all updated to latest.

Phone : Samsung Galaxy S9+ (Exynos)

Android version 10

One UI: 2.0

Kernel: 4.9.118-18339721



i have the same setup. (Rapidfire, One, WiFi module and Galaxy S9 +)

For me the app works without crashing directly. However, I was unable to download any of the recorded videos. The downloads keep failing and the app doesn't stop reporting the error. just stopping the app via system settings ends the whole thing.

Same behaviour on IOS too, iPhone 11 latest IOS app just closes on connection test. it's been like this for the last 5 days...

Video downloads error out using a S8 plus. No download progress bar. ??

IOS app has been fixed with version 1.4

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