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Instant replay / rewind

Ok the idea is simple but execution might be difficult. I talked about it before but will add it as an official feature request as well. I would love a instant rewind function A button that if you hold it swaps the feed over to the DVR and starts rewinding the most recent footage. When you let go it plays forward again until the moment you started rewinding. Once it reaches that it goes back to live view and starts DVR recording again. This would let you easily rewatch a crash immediately after it happens so you can see what happened.

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Wouldn't you use the DVR from the FPV connect on your mobile or general DVR on the goggles? It might be dangerous to have a single button on the goggles that cuts the feed. If that button gets pressed during a flight it could be what causes the crash. 

 Watching the video on your phone would only take a few extra seconds.

the desired  button could be that battery-check button, just hold it a couple of seconds and it could stop recording and starts playing the last video reversed!?

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