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FPV Connect - Live view without livestream

Idea: Allow the use of the smartphone App to show the LIVE fpv feed to friends and random bystanders without streaming it. This will make all the hardware options which are already available obsolete and most likely be able to offer much higher quality.

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Yes, this would be cool! That way you won't have to carry around a separate monitor to show others what you see. 

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Great idea

I'd love that feature!

100% agree with this request.

I came here to write this one. Thank you strikerFPV for doing it :) This will simplify so much the sharing of the fpv ride.... The current existing solution, with video receiver connected to a mobile phone is only usable for as many receivers as you have, and depends on the compatibility with the Phone, requires at least 3 types of connecting cable (microUsb, usb type C, iPhone), and additional 5.8 antena.... Thank you!

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Agreed 100%

Hi there,

that is exactly what you will be able to do with FPV.Connect along with the live streaming to social media!

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@Orqa FPV Support I have an old Ipad in the closet which is never used for anything anymore since I can't really install the lastest version of IOS, but is there any way of making it work with old IOS devices also? Jailbreak etc..

I love the idea of the people around you have a good screen with the same reception as you have in your main goggels :) 

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