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Velcro adhesive durability


I noticed that the foam is getting separated from the velcro part . The adhesive is failing.

There is a similar discussion on facebook were users seem to have the same problem.

The foam itself is of good quality and shows no signs of wear, it just does not want to stick to the velcro part.

Any ideas? I ordered a spare foam set, but I actually would prefer not to swap foam because of failing adhesive.

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I just used a bit of CA. Will find out if it holds up soon.

I mailed them over this and they are looking into a new solution but i guess with the hectic days of the connect module its low prior atm i think. 

I took mine out of the case after a few weeks not being used and the foam had release from the Velcro backing almost like the glue melted. It definitely doesn't even get close to warm where they were stored.

As Tim mentioned, indeed, we are looking into some new solutions, but nothing to share yet!

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Before I had the adhesive foam but it was to thick. So I tried the velco with the thin foam. Before I clean with alcohol serveral times. After 5 packs the Velcro en foam starts moving and the adhesive becomes lose

I am using the FatShark foam, better, more comfy, sticks and is light tight around the nose. The original foam is "parked" in the rubbish bin. Not really the world best foam.who/ what was used for testing this foam ?

Fatshark foam is pretty rubbish as well.

High end ski/snowboard goggles have a urethane frame then multi layered foam. some high density some low then a fabric/felt part for your face. super comfortable.

Seems all fpv goggles the foam/faceplate is just a make it work after thought. Orqa's do atleast have a pretty close face shape for the hard plastic atleast. 

agreed, I don't understand why any manufacturer does not bring more attention to this topic.

At least the padding is also an interface of the googles. here - goggle to skull. but they all seem to concentrate only on the HW of the google. 

AND there would always be the possibility to have an accessory shop to buy those things as an option, if they cannot reflect this in the costs/priec of the googles itself.. so what is so difficult ? 

Not all faces/skulls are equal. 

What shall I do with the "best googles" if they are super uncomfortable to wear?

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