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PAL jittering/bouncing issue


I opened a ticket several months ago but I see it's marked closed now. I'll copy paste my report and post it here, maybe someone wants to chime in:


I have noticed that when using a PAL camera the image jumps up and down one line. I thought it might have just been a DVR issue but it happens in the goggles as well.

So summarizing:

  • Happens when using PAL
  • Does not happen when using NTSC
  • Is visible both in the goggles and in the recorded DVR
  • Happens at least in 1.1.2 and 1.1.4 at least by me (I did not try 1.1.3) Possibly related to the interlace handling?
  • Confirmed to happen with Caddx Ratel, AIO Whoop cams, and based on the feedback of the linked facebook post Foxeer cam as well

It's possible that this is a side effect introduced with the highfps PAL DVR firmware. I haven't downgraded yet to confirm this but I do not remember seeing it in the beginning

I'd like to refer you to the post in the facebook group where this was documented with videos and confirmed by a number of people.

Le me know if I can provide any additional information.

BR Christoph

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Thanks for confirming! Your video is not public btw.

[Updated comment with public link to video.]

I have noticed the same issue and reported it to Orqa support

I was told they are aware of it.

In the meantime I did switch to NTCS, but I would love to use PAL due to the higher resolution.

Here is a recording that illustrates the issue:

Perfect representation, come to think of it maybe rapidfire is doing something odd with the osd?

Might be worth trying if PAL and BF PAL OSD and rapidfire legacy mode also produces this result.

Mine does the same thing. 

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mine too


Do we get an update from ORQA on this here when it is fixed ? 

Same issue for me

This problem still occurs in 2.0 

It does seem the actual image is more stable and the OSD jitters vertically more noticeably. the top and bottom of the screens seems to pulse, very distracting. cropping to 16:9 reduces it slightly.

Changing everything to NTSC didn't change anything for me.

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