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1. On ca. every 6th bootup only the right OLED works. After a restart both work again.

2. On bootup the goggle choose a random chanel on the RAPIDFIRE MODULE

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I have the same problem where the left screen goes blank.

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I just installed 1.2 coming from shipped 1.15. I am running into both issues mentioned on 1.2. Previous firmware did not exhibit these issues.

Upon first boot-up left screen did not show video signal. Also goggles beeped 5 times. I kept track of each boot up.

left, 5 beeps

good, 5 beeps

right, 5 beeps

good, 5 beeps

left, 5 beeps (stopped after this)









Starts off kinda bright but slowly dims on the screen not initializing properly. See the attached image.


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Same problem. Only happend when FPV.Connect wasn't installed though. 

I'm also experiencing this issue. The FPV.Connect installed in the goggles since the 1.2.0 upgrade.

Same issues as described above also experienced.

Same issues as described above also experienced.

same here

Same issues here 

Can we please have a official response wether this firmware is save to use or not?

Same issue
Striker, the firmware should be is safe to use. The screen issue only happens on startup and is fixed when you power cycle the goggles. And I think with the rapid fire, you just have to change channel after you turn on the goggles.

same issue here with fw v 1.2.0

I have the same issue but it's the right screen that randomly doesn't turn on. #following =P

I'm have a problem with OLED too. Sometimes one of them doesn't turn on. After restart it is OK.

But, rapidfire module works good.  

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