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BADRX in OSD from Hybrid

HI all, I'm hoping for help while running into the same issue with more than one Hybrid Duo and Uno. Here are the steps taken, resulting in BADRX showing in OSD when trying to Arm the quad:

Properly installed Hybrid Duo into a built quad.

The binding procedure worked the first time.

Betaflight shows a connection between FC/Hybrid and TX

The button on TX triggers a beeper response indicating bound connection.

Switch on TX made to trigger Arming through the Modes tab in BetaFlight

Disconnecting from Betaflight, then Arming shows BADRX in video OSD

When arming, the OSD shows BADRX and will not arm.

This happens on both Hybrid Duo and Hybrid Uno. 
Has anyone else run into this?

Thank you in advance.


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the Uberlite module was bad. when replaced, RX worked perfectly.

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