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JR.BT Quirky with SkyDive iOS


I'm using SkyDive on iOS with the most modern iteration of the iPad for an FPV Quadcopter Club at school. I was using two units together side by side and perhaps the bluetooth was interfering but one of the iPads was showing controller connected and I could calibrate the controller but after you loaded a map; skydive wouldn't accept further inputs. I fooled with it for about 10 minutes including restarting the iPad and de-paring and re-initializing  the bluetooth on the iPad and using the Reset button on the module. It finally started working again but I don't know why.

Otherwise I want to commend Orqa for your SkyDive App. It was very positively received by the students. They especially appreciate the quick adjustments of the Field of View and the Rates which I was able to tune for the students on the fly so they could progress better. I'm recommending they get it along with a Ctrl  at home. This experienced has convinced me that I want to push the easy button with the CTRL in future SIM setups. But this module was a great way to be able to retrofit what I already had.


iOS latest generation iPad

1 Radiomaster TX16S / 1 TX12 Latest Version OpenTX


SkyDive iOS

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