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FPV.One Pilot - HDMI Flickering

I received my FPV.One Pilot goggles yesterday, and my first impressions are very positive, but I noticed an issue when using them to play a simulator just now. I have the goggles plugged into my PC via an HDMI cable and this micro HDMI adapter: UGREEN Micro HDMI to HDMI Adapter, Micro HDMI to Female HDMI Aluminum Portable Cable HDMI Adapter Supports 4K 3D 1080P, Compatible with GoPro Hero 7 Raspberry Pi 4 Sony A6000 Camera Nikon B500, 8 Inch : Electronics

With the goggles set to automatic input mode, sometimes even lightly moving the HDMI cable causes the headset to flicker between the HDMI input and the 5.8 receiver. Manually setting the headset to HDMI input resolves the problem so it seems like there is no issue with the adapter; is it possible for you to add a short timer before the decision is made to switch inputs?

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Actually, even in HDMI mode I can produce a split second error/cutout when moving the cable around, just not quite as easily as when in Auto it seems.. adapter is brand new but may need to try a different one
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