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Cannot change resolution from 4:3 to 16:9

the topic explains the issue. Tried to reset the goggles to no effect. No ideal on what I can try.

                               thanks Tho

thanks that worked now I can fly them.

Your issue is not related to all previous inquiries about this. Reflash your goggles then manually power them down and start them backup that is what creates an actual save cycle of the firmware installation if you don't do that it's never updating the firmware. (Read the install notes) If after you have done that and you still run into issues continue to attempt to reflash same version, or go to a previous version or contact orca directly about the issue you are having. Maybe go to their Facebook page a post your issue.

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I got the beta_FPVONE_V2_FW_3_1_0 and  it loads with no problem and auto start, I can set up the goggles put it in 61:9 mode. But when I cycle the power it comes up in boot loader mode. So again the goggles are not working!

            thanks Tho

Please join the Orqa Discord and the Facebook Orqa Lounge to keep up on the latest details and conversation about the firmware and other Orqa topics.

I hear that it has yet to be released, but possible in 2 weeks

Same issue here.

Where is the firmware?

Thanks I really appreciate your response, I'ii be watching for iy.

                            thanks Tho

Your in the correct place for support. I'm an Orqa goggle owner as well. I hear that there will be an update soon to address the 16:9 issue.

Is this support? My goggles aren't working correctly in the goggles under the resolution, I can't get the goggles in 16:9. They are brand new and not working. Where do I go to get them fixed not talk about it.

        thanks Tho

Thanks Derrick,  that worked!

Dennis Forbes 
I don't know how to change the 4:3 to 16:9 either, BUT your Shark Byte VRX needs to be set to 720p, H cut. Also the auto feature does not seem to work, so change it to HDMI and you might have better luck.

1 - Power on the goggles
2 - Power on the VRX
3 - You should see the VRX start up screen and then searching for signal
4 - Check your on 720p and H cut
5 - Plug in your quad without props and a fan blowing on it
6 - if you don't see a visual image retry and you may have to try a different HDMI cable

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Yep same here with V2 goggles,  not able to switch between 4:3 and 16:9 in analog mode.  I am having an issue connecting Sharkbyte to these goggles in HDMI so I cannot verify if HDMI switches.

Can confirm my FPV.One Pilot's have the same issue; the toggle switch simply doesn't move/isn't selectable. If you're using them via HDMI for a simulator, setting the resolution to 720p does give you a 16:9 image, for what it's worth. 

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