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DVR issues f.w 2.7.1

I'm getting frequent goggle freezes when playing back DVR. This mostly happens when using the right hand stick to search through the recording. Also, DVR is in 4:3 even though googles are set to 16:9 and DVR was recorded in 16:9. This was not a problem in fw 2.7.0.

DVR freeze fault has not occurred again, also DVR only seems to get stuck in 4:3 when switching from a 4:3 user profile to a 16:9 user profile. After power cycling goggles DVR records in correct aspect ratio. DVR is set to auto.
Getting sporadic goggle freezes when changing between user profiles.
Did you go back to 2.7.0?
No, still on 2.7.1 Had similar issues with 2.7.0 so not much point in going back. Had additional goggle freezes yesterday, this time after flying. No response from any buttons, but fpv feed was fine. 2.7.1, 16:9, dvr auto and continuous recording, fpv connect is on but not streaming to phone.
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