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Straps always pop out

When mounting my Orqa to my head the straps usually pop out of the Strap Holder (the one mounted on the Orqa) 1 out of 3 times. This scares me every time... Nearly dropped it once. I changed the straps to the new version but the problem is still the same. 

Does anyone has a solution for this? I was wondering of maybe modding the holder with a metal rod...

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Hi Simon,

I found the same problem today when using for the first time. I 3D printed this and they stay on great now . If you can't 3D print you could use some heat shrink in the same way.

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The 3D printed parts working fine for me!
Thanks for your comment! This seems a good solution. However i decided to drill a hole in each strap and insert a metal rod to block the opening.
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