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Channel jumping / power loss modules and other glitches - found the reason


Well, got ORQA with TBS Fusion, and thought that it is something like software / firmware glitch, but when I've opened googles, I was surprised..

Everything done quite great, but the VRX board... guys at ORQA, how can it work??))

I got 4 broken pins there. Sympthoms are - random channel switching / lossing video for 1 second randomly and etc.. 

This board designed badly.. All the force when you attaching antennas and tightening them - laying down to SOLDER pins... For sure they will broke, it's just a question of time...

So guys, just resolder them - and your modules will work good again... for some time... but the design of the VRX board is quite not rock solid - as it could be. 


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I've repaired that by myself. 

!! Be ware - that if you will do it like me - you will loose your warranty !! 

So better ask ORQA support for the fix. 


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