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announcement and the reality

 In some YouTube videos (Joshua Bardwell) Ivan said, that EVERY pre-order bundle till 31.12.2019 will get the orqa fpv connect for free (and there will be three faceplate buffers) - so I quickly ordered the pre-order bundle.
As the package arrived in late January, I was excited but also very sad to see "only two antennas, the battery case and just one faceplate buffer".

I have so many bad experience with my orqa goggles:
- missing pre-order bundle parts (buffers, connect module)
- faceplate buffer falling of all the time
- headstrap broken by inserting the orqa battery
- not compatible with my vrx module (eachine pro58, needed and bought rapidfire instead)
- needed adapters for my antennas

As a blogger with a brand new fpv blog i wrote down everything about my experience (not much positive:

This goggle in fact is the best i've seen...but i haven't seen much! But there's so many problems, can't think about that's only happening to me!?

PS: hope this is all the text i wrote in "random", where the text got cut short and i can't reply...why?

I'm confused you are telling me to stop but asking me a question? I dont design doors for the goggles but there are many people out there that do. I would say the way you use it is you take the RF door off then put that module on there. I had to have my first laforge module door made for my fatsharks because FS did not make any doors for them. That did not mean my googles did not work with them just that I needed a different door. I'm guessing there is a language barrier that makes you confused on what I'm saying.
@chris please use this little thing called brain, and try using your eyes! There is no language barrier at all, you just don't get the point! No cover our door will help controlling the module. The control "wheel" is right next to the case, there is about half a centimeter and my fingers...bigger. Your need more pictures to understand?
Yeah it looks like it's a tight fit but would still work. Might be hard to change channels but like I said you are using a knockoff $40 China reciver from 2017. I doubt Orqa ever thought someone would use something so old... but it does fit its just not easy to change channels I get it. No reason to be upset at yourself over this, have a great day man and glad we were able to get all of your "issues" figured out. Seems like you thought you could get the getfpv package from a different dealer and found out it does not work that way. I get you are upset at your vendor, that's why I went straight to the manufacturer. Always best to go to the manufacturer if you can in the future.

i love this module, i love every function it has and how it's controlled. i never had any issues with it and i like the guys behind the software. hope that they could write this firmware for rapidfire, or rapidfire chages the way the menu and hole system works at the moment.

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