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announcement and the reality

 In some YouTube videos (Joshua Bardwell) Ivan said, that EVERY pre-order bundle till 31.12.2019 will get the orqa fpv connect for free (and there will be three faceplate buffers) - so I quickly ordered the pre-order bundle.
As the package arrived in late January, I was excited but also very sad to see "only two antennas, the battery case and just one faceplate buffer".

I have so many bad experience with my orqa goggles:
- missing pre-order bundle parts (buffers, connect module)
- faceplate buffer falling of all the time
- headstrap broken by inserting the orqa battery
- not compatible with my vrx module (eachine pro58, needed and bought rapidfire instead)
- needed adapters for my antennas

As a blogger with a brand new fpv blog i wrote down everything about my experience (not much positive:

This goggle in fact is the best i've seen...but i haven't seen much! But there's so many problems, can't think about that's only happening to me!?

PS: hope this is all the text i wrote in "random", where the text got cut short and i can't reply...why?

Did you preorder with a retailer or back kickstarter? Preorders were available with i. e. getvpv in the us
German retailer "flying machines" in Berlin.
@Kevin..... The first connects were shipped just in the last couple weeks so people are just now getting them. Did you contact the dealer you got the goggles from to see if and when you should get your connect? Before you ordered your goggle did you talk to the dealer to make sure they are getting all of the kickstarter items? The connect was an extra $60ish for backers, and I only heard of getfpv orders got the connect with their preorders because they paid more. On the foam Orqa made a new velcro option and if you did not get yout goggles through the kickstarter then you need to reach out to your dealer and if they were part of the kickstart like it sounds like, then they need to request the new velcro foam for you. As far as the head strap goes I looked at the photo and it is not broken, but it looks like you snagged part of the band most likely from rushing the battery into the strap or not paying attention to what you were doing. Personally I never put the battery on my head and always run a long battery cable so I can put it in my pocket so I have not ran into that issue.
@Kevin Why did your cheap China knockoff reciver not work? I don't know why you would want to use the one of the cheapest reciver on market when you buy the most expensive and best goggles on the market... I realize you are not in America so I'll try and make a European comparison... it's like buying a Ferrari then grabbing a motor from a Toyota Yais and putting it in the Ferrari.... everyone will see that you have the nicest car/goggles but they have no idea that the motor/reciver is actually garbage and it makes your car/goggle work at the absolute lowest quality/power.... I would not call that reciver not work a I would call that reciver the problem. I used to love the trued reciver that was what your reciver copied but that was back in 2016ish 2017ish.. in the drone world that's like 20 years every year in drone tech is equalf to 5-10 years normal tech.
@chris I did pay attention to the things I do, so I did it while putting the battery in the strap as it should be done. I don't like our use long cables anymore, I can't stand it. Psychological problem! Your comparison of the modules and the motors are...
What psychological problem do you have with it? You would rather it blow up on your head then your pocket? Lol... maybe you like the feeling of having weight on one side and not the just kidding in all seriousness what do you think you cause the sang in the headband? I see it's still fully functional or are the pictures you posted not with it damaged? As your can see (you probably don't have it), there are some gummies to secure the battery in the strap, but mine were a bit sharp edged. I don't have any problems with the battery, it's the wire. Don't think it's funny at all. Just saying: fpv is absolut freedom and peace for me. Don't make fun of threatened people!
Don't make fun of threatened people!??

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please stop it! respect me and don't bother me with any kind of "lol/hahaa/just kidding", i can't find any fun in this. i'm totally pissed on how this all went now. i'm also unhappy with things 'bout orqa fpv and the bundle things. my retailer was listet to be part of the getfpv-like pre-order bundle but he doesn't do so.

i'd like to have orqa to discuss this dispute.

Hi Kevin,

please, if you need your concerns addressed, feel free to reach out to our support anytime.

I really do not know where have you seen the information that your reseller will have FPV.Connect for free. That is something you should have asked your reseller before going out with information like this, because this is not true.
Also, faceplate is something you get from your reseller, so this is another issue which is not directly related to Orqa.

Orqa FPV.One works with all of the receivers on the market, only the module cover is designed for rapidFIRE to fit.
Also, integration exists only with the rapidFIRE, and these are the things that were all clearly stated on our product description, so you can't blame our company for something that was said before you bought them, not after.

If your strap had broken, or even the faceplate, we are more than happy to send you new ones :)


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I did in fact ask the reseller/retailer/support from flyingmachines but they never responded. and they only respond now, after buying the goggles and say that i have to reach out to orqa.

in germany, the situation is this: unclear 

i also asked for replacement (different) faceplate and they also said "ask orqa support", but orqa support didn't react as i've tried in Feb 2020.

i've paid 699 EUR for the pre-order bundle to just receive the goggles, antennas and battery? no fpv connect module? so i probably had saved money if i had the opportunity to order from us reseller and would have gotten more?

for the module, yes "rapidfire cover only", but  "works with all modules" is not the same.

didn't know/see that my module can't be used because i can't reach the controlls.

maybe this is my fault and i'm sorry for that!

how do i exactly reach out to support for the faceplate and headstrap?

Submit a ticket on this very same portal or write an email to!

Thank you!

@Kevin The module you have works with the goggles I just realized you did not know there are different doors for different vtx. All you had to do is look on thingerverse or ask someone to make you a new vtx door. The reason the goggles come with a rapidfire door is because they have the best link for most situations and is what most pilots use. That does not mean you cant use others recivers just means you need to get a different door. With Fatsharks when you buy the goggles it does come with any matching door for any have to get a new door no matter what reciver you guy? Orqa just happens to give you a free rapidfire door. It's like buying a pair of shoes with black laces but you can still go buy white laces and put them in your new shoes if you want. It sounds like a majority ofyour issues are with what you thought your vendor said they would do. Orqa support has always been amazing. After you reach out to Orqa, reach out to the vendor ask what you were supposed to get then post it in here. I'm sure Orqa would not be happy if a vendor is lying to sell goggles, but I doubt the vendor would do that.
@Chris in not sure what is wrong with you, but stop it! Please! See the attached picture and tell me, how to reach the control on this module? Even without a cover it is impossible!
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