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DVR causing goggles to freeze (1.2.1)

Not sure if this is a 1.2.0 or 1.2.1 problem as I don't think I used the dvr in the short time I was on 1.2.0. When I start the dvr recording, all controls on the goggles become unresponsive. This includes stopping the recording, going into any of the menus, powering off the goggles. They continue to function, I can change channels on the rapidfire (if I use the controls on the module) and the video feed continues to work. I have to pull the battery plug.

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I did use the DVR while on 1.2.0 and it seems that the issue did come with 1.2.1 - at least I didn't come across the issue there and I did use the goggle a lot more than while 1.2.1 (for obvious reasons). I booted the goggle two times today (since I updated the firmware) and started DVR each time. In both cases the goggle froze.

DVR wise it does seem like the DVR start/stop button does still work - but you will neither hear a sound nor will the other buttons lead to any UI action (no menu does open). I'm using TBS Fusion - therefore I can't say anything about the RapidFire. Interestingly reception seemed worse than two days ago with 1.2.0 in the same spot with the same quad and analog setup.

I didn't make a factory reset - maybe one should give that a shot.

I did a factory reset on mine.

Hm, let's see how much come across that issue. I didn't use the goggle since the two tries mentioned above, but if this issue happens everytime you start DVR, I might prefer downgrading, because I noticed that the second DVR was not saved.

For mine, it appears it's going to happen every time. I was testing some mics I had to see if they worked with the goggles so I started the dvr several times and because they froze, had to power cycle them between each attempt.

Well, that is unfortunate (:

I got my gogles with fw version 1.1.5. And I had the same issue. Upgraded fw to 1.2.1 and I still have the same problem. The only way to stop recording is to pull out battery.

I have a SanDisk Ultra 32GB A1 U1 card that does not work in the googles. If I hit record it starts but I am unable to stop recording. I have to pull the battery plug to get back to using the googles. Of course I have formatted the card in googles. 

The SanDisk Extreme 128GB A2 U3 card I have works without issue. I am able to stop recording as expected and then control the googles again. 

I cannot find a stated minimum speed rating for the SD card to work with the FPV.One in the manual or elsewhere. Has this been tested or is there an official standard? 

That is a U1 rated card with a guaranteed transfer rate of 10MB/s. Looks like a higher rate may be required. U3 class are rated for 30MB/s. 

ORQA Team, can we please get an official spec for required card speeds? Thanks.

Just tested this and I can reproduce it on low and high end SD cards. 

Same problem with 1.2.1...

I constantly use dvr and this did not happen once with 1.2.0 now with 1.2.1 the first time I used dvr it froze.

Heeelloo dear pilots!

Check your ORQA app and see if there is something new!

You need to have mobile data turned on!


Do I understand correctly that ORQA app is supposed to work (Connect to goggles) if FPV.One Connect Modul is installed. I don't have such module. Then what I should find in that app that resolves issue of freezing all controls after DVR is started?

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