The Ultimate Hybrid was released in Sept 2022, and joins its Hybrid Uno/Duo in the Ghost Lineup. 

There have been a few questions about the Ultimate, which are addressed below; 

1. What are the mounting holes?

The Ultimate Hybrid was designed to drop into frames designed for the Caddx Visa (tm) digital vTx.
Inner holes (and preferred mounting holes) are 20 x 20mm, 2.5mm holes, designed for M2 screws. 

Outer holes, used to secure the heatsink, are 25.5 x 25.5mm, with M2.5 screws. 

For frames not designed for digital vTx's, a common way to mount the Ultimate Hybrid is on the top plate, with two/four 2.5mm holes drilled to mount it. If the heatsink for the hybrid is bolted directly to the frame, the carbon fiber of the frame also works as a (rather inefficient) heatsink. 

2. Different pinout?

The Ultimate Hybrid does use a previously unused connector pin for HV power. This prevents 5V hybrids from being destroyed when connected to a model wired for the Ultimate Hybrid. 

Beware that the previous 5V-in pin is now a clean 5V output to power cameras in applications without clean camera power. 

Hybrid v1/v2 (left) vs. Ultimate Hybrid (right)

2. Factory Installed Firmware

The Ultimate Hybrid ships with firmware version v1.0.6.5. This is compatible with firmware v1.0.5.x and above.
When binding to the ultimate hybrid, older versions of the Tx firmware will try to 'úpgrade' it, this may be skipped, since downgrading to a lower version number is not supported. 

If you wish to upgrade your Ghost transmitter to v1.0.6.5, it is available in the Ghost Updater.
Release notes may be found here.

3. Heatsink Removal

Yes, it is possible to run the Ultimate Hybrid without it's heatsink.
If the module always has good airflow, it will not cause damage.
If high power modes are used, and airflow is stopped, the module will throttle back, but damage could occur.