The ImmersionRC Vortex product line (285, 250, 150, 180, 230) has not been sold by ImmersionRC for over 3 years now, following its launch back in 2015.

Very limited product support is available from ImmersionRC direct, and in fact our support staff generally end up with a few google searches in order to find solutions for the limited number of customer support queries these days.

For spare parts, has faithfully supported the Vortex product line since its inception. If NextFPV doesn't have a spare part, then chances are it is no longer available.

For most support questions, google is your friend. After a ~7 year run, just about every question that can be asked, has been asked, with a slew of youtube videos, and facebook groups available to scan.

Some notable Facebook resources:
ImmersionRC Hub
Official ImmersionRC Vortex Group

And of course the youtube videos:
YouTube Vortex Resources