There have been a few support requests regarding brief video cutouts when using ImmersionRC Ghost Hybrid boards.

Most of these are easy to explain, and easy to fix. The cause comes down to one of three things:

1) vTx Cable Routing
As described in the manual, routing the vTx coaxial cable over the Hybrid PCB does cause problems (not only for the hybrid, but for many similar products in the FPV market). The high-power potentially emitted from the vTx, coupled with an antenna that is not perfect, causes radiated energy from the cable, and when run within a couple of mm of sensitive parts of the PCB, various problems are possible.
To avoid this, follow the cable routing guide in the manual.

2) Noisy 5V Supplies

The Hybrid boards are equipped with a protection circuit which protects the vTx from over-voltage, either from connecting to 9V supplies commonly available on Flight Controllers, or even from direct connection to 4s, or 6s batteries. These mis-wiring issues immediately toast competitive products.
The protection circuit is relatively sensitive to noise on the 5V supply rail. With firmware version v1.0.5.0 this noise sensitivity is about 6.5V. For noisier supplies, install the v1.0.5.4 beta, which increases this tolerance to about 8.5V.

3) Close proximity to Switching Regulators

We all love a nice tight stack, but stacks with very little space between ESC, FC, and Hybrid, can create problems of interference between these three boards.
If the hybrid is experiencing video cutouts try increasing the spacing between the FC, and the hybrid, even 1-2mm will generally help.

If, after updating to v1.0.5.4, and checking your cable routing, you still have a problem. Installing a capacitor on the 5V rail might help resolve this issue. Other potential solutions include using a different 5V pad on the FC to drive the Hybrid.