Having range issues with your Ghost system? Check the following suggestions to help diagnose the problem.

1. Update Firmware, Tx and Rx

When range issues are suspected, the first thing to do is ensure that the Ghost transmitter and receiver have a recent firmware version, ideally at least v1.0.5.0, which was the first absolutely solid release. 

2. Do a range test

The Ghost Manual explains a procedure for testing range, by dropping Tx power down to 16uW. This is a good way to do a ground-based range test, which then, as the manual explains, can give you an estimate of actual max. range.

3. Try with a different receiver (if you have one)
If you have multiple receivers, does the range issue apply to all of them? or just one. This helps identify whether we are looking at at transmitter, or receiver problem.

4. Transmitter Power

Ideally using an IRC Power Meter, verify that the power emitted from the transmitter is correct (and make sure that the transmitter power hasn't accidentally been left set to the range test power levels, of 16uW, or 100uW).
Be sure to take note of the fact that the IRC antenna connectors for the transmitter side are RP-SMA (Reverse Polarity SMA), and will need an adaptor to interface with the IRC power meter. 

5. Transmitter Antennas

If using a JR module, there is a menu setting to choose the active antenna. Verify that you get the same range regardless of which antenna is selected (the default setting toggles between the antennas). The chances of both antennas being defective is extremely unlikely.
For a good 3rd party replacement antenna, consider the TrueRC 2.4GHz Moxons, these are the antennas that the IRC team fly themselves, and have approx. 2x the range of the stock antennas.
Note: Be sure to pick the RP-SMA version of the antenna to ensure compatibility with Ghost. 

6. Receiver Antennas

Receiver antennas, often crashed, are fairly delicate, and easily damaged.
If in doubt, there are replacement antennas available from most FPV stores, including Orqa in the EU.

7. If the product is new, check with your reseller

If you suspect that you have a product that is 'dead on arrival', then your local reseller should be your first point of call. They should be able to swap the product out quickly, without the shipping/customs cost of delivery from our warehouse.

8. Try to avoid the SRXL-2 protocol
For a reason that we still don't fully understand, the SRXL-2 protocol has seen far more problems when used with BetaFlight than other protocols. Try to use the GHST protocol if possible.

What range should you expect? there is a table in the manual that explains the range achievable on each RF mode, but this is a very conservative estimate. In practice, ranges of 30km may be achieved easily in 'Normal' RF mode, and just about all of the modes will get you further than most FPV quads/wings can fly.