Manual - Ghost integration for the FPV.Connect

This is a manual to show the setup required for the Ghost Atto with the Orqa FPV.Connect module. An ImmersionRC rapidFIRE unit with the latest firmware is required.


Orqa knowledge base website:

FPV.Connect and phone app manual:

The Ghost Atto -  FPV.Connect integration will enable you to sync VTX channels between your radio/quad and the goggles. In true FPV spirit, it takes a little work to get there, but great rewards await you once it's done! 

The following steps are required for the successful integration:

  • Bridge the jumper pads on the FPV.Connect
  • Install Ghost Atto on the FPV.Connect board
  • Install FPV.Connect into the module bay 2
  • Bind & setup Ghost Atto
  • Setup the goggles
  • Test

Hardware required;

  • Immersion RC Ghost Atto Uno
  • U.FL - U.FL connector (Orqa website)
  • ImmersionRC rapidFIRE VRX running latest firmware (important: at least 1.3.2)
  • 1. Bridge the jumper pads

    On the FPV.Connect module, bridge the two jumper pads in horizontal direction

  • 2. Install Ghost Atto on the FPV.Connect board

    • Mount the Ghost Atto (U.FL up) onto the FPV.Connect board. Either direct solder or use PCB mount headers (pins)
    • Connect the U.FL-U.FL cable between the Atto and the FPV.Connect

    • 3. Install FPV.Connect into the Module bay 2

      In your module bay 2 (opposite from VRX)

      • Make a picture of the code/QR code sticker inside (the code is required for connecting your phone through WiFi with the FPV.Connect)
      • Carefully connect the ribbon cable (open lock, insert ribbon, close lock)
      • A small piece of double sided tape can hold the FPV.Connect in the module bay
    • Now that all the mechanical work is done, get ready for the setup!

    • 4. Bind & setup Ghost Atto

      Binding Ghost Atto with your ImmersionRC JR module (radio)

      • On the IRC Ghost JR module (TX side, your radio)
    •                        go to: Main Menu \ Bind \ Bind + Setup
      • Select Rx can be any protocol, I select “ProtoGHST”
      • Select Rx ID “Goggles 1” (important)
      • Select “Start Binding” - the radio is now waiting for your Atto to bind with

      • Keep radio and the goggles 3ft apart
      • Power cycle your goggles, and wait for about 30 seconds
    • Your goggles will now bind, which your radio will confirm with a beep. The LED on the Goggle Atto and radio will show the “light orange” (almost yellow) light - not blinking.

      5. Goggles Setup 

      ORQA goggles require two steps to setup, RX setup and “Ghost Connectivity” setup.

      RX setup

      Here we want to set the goggles to “rapidFIRE” in “SPI mode”.

      In the goggles “RX” receiver menu:

      • Module: rapidFIRE
      • Channel “table”  (no change)
    • Verify that on the OLED screen of your rapidFIRE you see “SPI Mode”

      Check that you are running at least Firmware 1.3.2 (but not betas) on your rapidFIRE

      Connectivity setup

      In the connectivity menu \ Ghost settings

      • Select Power “on”
      • VTX mode “Automatic”

    • 6. Test

      Review all steps above, and you are ready to test this out.

      • On your Immersion RC JR module, change your VTX channel while your goggle is powered on. You should see the channel change on the OLED screen of your rapidFIRE.
    • Note; If you change channel/band on rapidFIRE, it will not change channel/band on your JR.

      Now you're all ready to go out and practice!


      - MaddddFPV